FCC License Preparation Course

  • Course Dates:  Tuesday and Thursday evenings, starting Nov. 18, 2023 – Jan. 16, 2024
  • Course Time: 6:pm – 9:00pm
  • Cost: $800 (in person) | $600 (online via Zoom)

AlasKit offers a comprehensive electronics technology course, primarily focused on the General Radio Operator License (GROL), the basic prerequisite for any career in radio or communications technology. The course is offered in-person and on-line. It is very hands-on with a concentration on actual lab work. It is a full sixteen week course, traditionally taking place on Saturdays, from 9 a.m. until noon, at the AlasKit classroom, 138 Shenandoah Drive, in Fairbanks. The 2023 course will commence on Saturday, September, 2023, and each Saturday thereafter. The in-person course is $800.00 including the GROL book and all lab supplies. The on-line course takes place on Zoom, and is $600.00. The student will be fully prepared to take the FCC GROL + Radar Endorsement examinations, and will have practical electronics troubleshooting knowledge. If requested, AlasKit also offers an accelerated Tuesday and Thursday evening course, from 6 pm until 9 pm, for a total of 8 weeks. These will also be available on Zoom. Check out the link to the full course syllabus.


  • Week 1: Introduction to Electricity and Electronics. Overview of career opportunities in electronics. Overview of W5YI study materials. Introduction to the FCC and radio rules and regulations. Introduction to Amateur Radio and Commercial Radio Licensing. Lab procedures and safety.
  • Week 2: Matter, Energy, Ohm’s Law, DC Current. Components, basic measurements and soldering.
  • Week 3: “Almost AC” principles. RC time constant, use of the Oscilloscope.
  • Week 4: Introduction to Magnetism, Transformers, Motors, Alternating Current.
  • Week 5: Frequency, Period, Phase, Reactance, Resonance, trigonometry.
  • Week 6: Antennas and Transmission Lines. Introduction to the Smith Chart
  • Week 7: Introduction to Amplifiers, active devices.
  • Week 8: Oscillators and Tuned Amplifiers
  • Week 9: Introduction to Semiconductors
  • Week 10: Introduction to switching and digital techniques
  • Week 11: Industrial electronics and control circuitry.
  • Week 12: Introduction to SPICE Circuit modeling
  • Week 13: Introduction to antenna modeling
  • Week 14: Intermediate Smith Chart. Microwave methods.
  • Week 15: Basic troubleshooting
  • Week 16: Course Review and Test Preparation hints

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Feb 29 2024 - Apr 18 2024


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm




138 Shenandoah Drive Fairbanks, AK 99712
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