July 3, 2023

As we mentioned in our About page, we have been involved in radio science for a very long time. Most of this has been focused on ionospheric research, which includes a lot of other “sub-projects” in itself. Most radio folks are familiar with HAARP, the world’s largest and most powerful ionospheric heating facility. While HAARP’s mission was strictly basic research with little if any commercial application, there have been some exciting new developments. 

Modern receiver digital processing has allowed ionospheric experiments to be performed at MUCH lower power levels than believed possible, but even more interestingly, there may be some commercial application of ionospheric modification. For the past year or so, AlasKit has helped put together a “mini-HAARP” in Cheyenne, Wyoming, which has already produced some very encouraging results related to radio propagation enhancement. This could provide an alternative communications path in the event of satellite or fiber optic cable failure. Stay tuned for the latest developments right here!

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