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AlasKit Educational and Scientific Resources has a vast inventory of electronics components for the professional electronics engineer and amateur experimenter.

We have a large supply of surplus instrumentation and difficult-to-find parts for the commercial radio equipment manufacturer and radio designer as well as a well-equipped electronics R&D lab and shop. We also provide in-person and on-line electronics instruction. Our General Radio Operator’s License (GROL) preparation course has proven to be very popular.

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Skybender July 3, 2023 As we mentioned in our About page, we have been involved in radio science for a very long time. Most of

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New Shop Space

New Shop Space June 26, 2023 Last August, AlasKit made the move from North Pole, Alaska, where it has operated for about fifteen years, to

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New Components

New Components June 20, 2023 After our recent yearly pilgrimage to the Xenia, Ohio Hamvention (formerly the Dayton Hamvention) we came back with a huge

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